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21 Apr 6 Ways to save money with smart home devices
marianna 0 2074
6 Ways to Save Money with Smart Home Devices Seeing electricity bills go up, we are looking for ways to reduce the consumption of our electrical appliances for greater economy. An ally in this eff..
09 Aug Review: Zmodo Pivot Cloud 350° Camera & Alarm
marianna 0 2843
Review: Κάμερα/Συναγερμός Zmodo Pivot Cloud 350° H κάμερα Pivot Cloud της εταιρείας Zmodo είναι μία ολοκληρωμένη λύση που προσφέρει ασφάλεια και επίβλεψη και είναι ιδανική για ενιαίους και μικρο..
09 Mar Review:New Woox IR/WiFi Remote Hub all in one!
marianna 0 12019
Introducing the new Woox IR HubAssemble all your remote controls into one! Woox's new hub, with the largest database, covers 99% of the market for electrical appliances.How does it work ..
06 Aug sPoE cable sealing tip
admin 0 7068
Easy and affordable solution for protecting camera cables from moisture. ..
17 Jul Review: New WOOX Camera R4057 with batteries
marianna 12 10608
 We are testing the new WOOX R4057 CameraNo wires!Do you plan to put a camera in a place where there is no power supply or the cable passage is unfeasible? WOOX created the R4057 camera ..
20 Feb Security Grades
giorgos 0 3323
Grade 1. The system can resist inexperienced attackers. It protects the most obvious entry points, for example, the front door. It is suitable for spaces that face a minimal risk of robbery and don’..
30 Jan Cooperation BMAC.GR- WOOX
marianna 0 2926
BMAC.GR brings to Greece the new WOOX automation products that stand out for their quality and design! The Woox range of products includes plugs, multi-plugs, surveillance cameras, light bulbs and is ..
11 Sep BMAC.GR at IFA 2018
marianna 0 2893
 We’ve been to IFA, Europe's largest technology exhibition and we present to you some of the new smart home and security products.  Smanos  eTiger      Z-Wave..
07 Sep Zmodo Sight 180 Outdoor Camera Review
marianna 0 4303
 We tried it and presented it to you!The Zmodo Sight 180 is one of the latest models released by Zmodo in the category of IP cameras and differs in its design from the classic cameras placed ..
23 Aug New camera Zmodo Panda
marianna 0 3802
 New Zmodo Panda surveillance camera with 140° wide angle lens and 0°-350° rotation angles and 0 °-70 ° vertical for full coverage of your space. It has an automatic night-time switch, capable o..
13 Feb How to have remote access via Zmodo app
marianna 0 7959
How to access remote access via ZmodoThe following video shows the steps to view your cameras remotely on an Android or iOS smartphone via the Zmodo app. The application works for NVR sets and IP ..
19 Dec How to protect your home during the holidays
marianna 0 2437
How to protect your home during the holidays The most joyful time of year has arrived and you want to enjoy it with your loved ones. Some, however, take advantage of your absence from your hom..
14 Nov Zmodo, Best VfM IP camera
06 Nov How to set up your Meshare Security System
marianna 2 58425
How to set up your Meshare Security System  MeShare has been update and offers you plenty of features, all on your mobile! With MeShare, you have remote access to Zmodo CCTV systems.Below we..
18 Jan Security Camera buying guide
marianna 1 12283
 Security Camera buying guide   It’s time to choose a security camera. Protecting from breaking ins, surveilance of stores, children, elderly people and many other reasons lead to seeking ..
14 Jan Cooporation BMAC.GR - Chuango
11 Jan DVR & NVR Difference
marianna 1 17293
What’s the difference between DVR and NVR and what to choose?  In search of a monitoring system, we see that the market meet a variety of recording systems with different capabilities and ch..
16 Aug Cooporation BMAC.GR - eTiger
10 May Welcome AlphaBank Bonus Points
giorgos 0 4267
Welcome the AlphaBank Bonus redemption program, and  we give you 5000 bonus point for your first order (online & onstore). Please visit the oficial web site Alphabank to see more details. www.alphabon..
01 Sep Cooporation BMAC.GR - ZMODO
giorgos 0 3528
Our company «BMAC.GR IKE» is pleased to announce the start of cooperation with the company «Zmodo Technology Corporation Ltd», which operates in the field of security systems and innovative automation..
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