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Alarm systems eTiger

eTiger  Wireless Solar Siren -  ES-S8A eTiger  Wireless Solar Siren -  ES-S8A
Brand: eTIGER Model: 135-014
Wireless Solar Siren    The ES-S8A is an outdoor siren powered by a free and unlimited energy: the sun. Thanks to its solar panels, the ES-S8A does not need to be plugged: it is entirely powered by solar energy and its chargeable batteries.      Resists to rai..
87,00€ Ex Tax:70,16€
Brand: eTIGER Model: 138-013
 The new eTiger ES-CM1 Motion Detector provides 360 ° security with a scanning radius of up to 8 meters. Cover the whole area with high precision motion detection.   ..
29,50€ Ex Tax:23,79€
Brand: eTIGER Model: 135-020
eTiger Indoor curtain motion detector #New eTiger Wireless Curtain Motion Detector with 110° wide angle detection. It’s easy and flexible to installation, thanks to the included bracket. It has sensitive infrared detection and it can distinguish unwanted signal and human motion, avoid false ..
25,00€ Ex Tax:20,16€
Brand: eTIGER Model: 135-019
eTiger Gas/CO2 detectorThe eTiger ES-D6A is an indoor combustible gas detector with high stability, used for combustion gas leak detection. It uses highly stable semiconductor gas sensor with features of stable performance and low drift of sensitivity. When it senses combustion gas leak that..
29,00€ Ex Tax:23,39€
Brand: eTIGER Model: 135-016
eTiger Glass Vibration DetectorWith an embedded, high-precision microphone, the ES-D9A pinpoints glass-breaking incidents and minimizes false alarms with sophisticated signal processing. It is ideal for placements in banks, hotels, shops, apartments and houses.Features:- Detects the ..
19,00€ Ex Tax:15,32€
Brand: eTIGER Model: 135-009
For a more efficient system in case of intrusion, this 85dB siren comes with a strobe light. The message will be loud and clear for any potential intruder. The siren can also be used as a standalone alarm compatible with our accessories: perfect for the garage or the cabin at the back of your garden..
27,00€ Ex Tax:21,77€
Brand: eTIGER Model: 135-024
eTiger Li-ion Battery, 800 mAh, 3,7VCompatible with eTiger alarm systems. In case of a power failure, the battery will continue to run the system. ..
12,00€ Ex Tax:9,68€
eTiger New Wireless Door/Window Contact - ES-D3D eTiger New Wireless Door/Window Contact - ES-D3D
Brand: eTIGER Model: 135-022
New eTiger Wireless Door/Window ContactThe new eTiger magnetic contact is smaller and easier to use, thanks to its ergonomic design. It adapts to any door or window frame, thanks to the three distance holders, included in the package. Installation takes place in minutes, without cables and t..
19,00€ Ex Tax:15,32€
Brand: eTIGER Model: 135-017
eTiger Pet Motion Detector ExternalThe eTiger ES-D2AE is a digital wireless motion detector with remarkable functions. It can avoid outdoor interfence from sunshine, UV & RF and is highly effective for water/dust/insects/wind proof. It is matched with follow advanced technology: direct calcu..
58,50€ Ex Tax:47,18€
Brand: eTIGER Model: 135-004
Wireless Pet-Immune Motion DetectorLeave your home with peace of mind: our motion sensor will detect any intrusion in your home. The ES-D2A is the perfect accessories for home with a pet: it will detect any potential intrusion but will not be triggered when your beloved cat or dog passes in ..
26,50€ Ex Tax:21,37€
eTiger PIR Motion Detector- ES-D1A eTiger PIR Motion Detector- ES-D1A
Brand: eTIGER Model: 135-003
Wireless Motion DetectorLeave your home with peace of mind: our motion sensor will detect any intrusion in your home. Thanks to the wireless connection of the ES-D1A, nothing is easier than expanding your security system. The ES-D1A is compatible with every Secual system. Compa..
24,00€ Ex Tax:19,35€
Brand: eTIGER Model: 135-011
RF Remote ControlArm or disarm your system from distance, or trigger an alarm immediately with this remote control. The ES-RC1 boasts a compact size so to fit in any of your pockets. Thanks to its radio-frequency connection, the ES-RC1 enables you to arm or disarm your system even from out..
15,00€ Ex Tax:12,10€
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